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SINCE 2009

That Animation House


Demo Reel

Our production reel that displays various samples from local and international clients.

Hard Hat Hank


Created and designed by That Animation House, and production association with Trade e School inc.

The thirteen micro-episodes tell the story of a clumsy, fun loving, blue collared character. Who's goal is to inform the planet about basic safety rules and hazard prevention.

Gift Codes


30 second commercial for Created and designed by That Animation House.



Better Boating


Animated infomercial about Personal Floatation Devices. Created for

Hard Hat Hank


Great episode about propane and natural gas.


An animated production used to require a large team with a lot of various personal to achieve the creative standards of top studios.


Today, with the aid of the latest software and the strongest coffee beans known to man. Those Hollywood dreams and ideas can still be achieved, without the need for a 20 man production crew.


That Animation House, is a small group of creative, individuals. Lead by Animator/Director Jeff T Poole, their goal is to bring short animated production designed for the Youtube audience that will educate as well as entertain.


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The Process of it all...


  1. ... letting ideas evolve
  2. ... keeping it simple without sacrifice
  3. ... knowing when to break the rules
  4. ... ..learn and listen

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  1. ... grace under pressure
  2. ... staying informed
  3. ... maintaining the highest of standards
  4. ... enjoy the moment

That Animation House

Designed by Jeff Poole 2016

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